The Secret Circle 1.13 Medallion aka Family Heirlooms Are The Best

The Secret Circle 1.13 Medallion aka Family Heirlooms Are The Best

 Blake House

Adam Conant: Good morning.  Diana tells me you bought a first class ticket on Jake’s crazy train and went to dig up your dad’s grave last night. You can start explaining now.

Cassie Blake: First of all, chill- all we found were dog bones in his casket. And second, don’t blame Jake. The crazy is 100% me. Do you want to know what else I did last night? I went back to the burned down boatyard and found this medallion that my father dropped. It’s probably pretty powerful because it helped my father kill and entire room full of people before walking away unscathed.

Adam Conant: Look. I’ll help you find out if your father’s alive but it’s not because I’m obsessed with your family’s history of black magic. It’s because I’m obsessed with you.

 Chance Harbor – Outside the Coffee Press

Faye Chamberlain: Hey Jake. Welcome back to town. Don’t you have a little blonde witch to mack on?

Jake Armstrong: Don’t you have some STD’s to spread? Read the rest of this entry


The Secret Circle 1.12 Witness aka Magic Memory Repo

The Secret Circle 1.12 Witness aka Magical Memory Repo

 Coven Club House of Condemnation – Basement

Cassie and Adam have caught a case of the kissy face when Jake comes strolling down the steps.

Jake Armstrong: Sup?

Adam Conant: God damn it!

Jake Armstrong: Hey girl. You summoned?

Cassie Blake: Thanks for saving my bacon in the school fire. So, how’s life as a witch hunter been treating you?

Jake Armstrong: About that. I’ve changed my ways. And girl, you’re in trouble. It turns out there’s this whole council of witch hunters who want to end you. The last time they used the dark-magic-stopping-ritual was 16 years ago when they killed your father. Now it’s your turn.

Cassie Blake: Say what? I thought my dad died via some magic gone horribly wrong.

Jake Armstrong: Nope. It was the witch hunters. And if we can find out how the ritual works, then maybe we can stop it.

Adam Conant: No way. You’re full of lies. You stay away from Cassie.

Jake Armstrong: Fine. I’m going home. And by going home I mean to my aunt’s house that is conveniently located next to your house Cassie, so I’ll see you in a few.

 Mead House – Street Side – Adam’s Car

Cassie Blake: So, I’m going to trust Jake so we can get to the bottom of my dark magic problem.

Adam Conant: But he doesn’t care about you the way I do. He’s just using you.

Diana Meade: Boo! Whatcha talking about?

 Chance Harbor – Coffee Shop

Charles Meade strolls by to find his daughter having a sit down with Principal Species.

Charles Meade: What do we have here?

Diana Meade: I was just chatting with your faux girlfriend, but I’ve got places to be so, see ya.

Charles Meade: Take a hint woman. You tried to kill my mom, and that puts us on bad terms.

Principal Species: Bygones. Look. We have two magic rocks in our possession, and we need to get our powers back.

Charles Meade: Wrong. Your magic rock is out of juice, mine works just fine, and that’s the way I like it. Deal.

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The Secret Circle 1.11 Fire & Ice aka Not So Much Ice as Fire. Lots and Lots of Fire.

The Secret Circle 1.11 Fire & Ice a.k.a. Not so Much Ice as Fire. Lots and Lots of Fire.

 Meade House – Diana’s Room

Diana Meade: I took a shower, put on my shorty robe and you’re still on page 3 of your Book of Shadows: Dark Magic Edition?

Cassie Blake: Knowledge is power.

Diana Meade: I’m more of an ignorance is bliss kind of girl. But since you’re in the mood for magic, we’ve got a school dance this episode, and I’ve got a dress that needs a make over.

Diana and Cassie chant, but Cassie gets a little overzealous and…

Dress: Sizzle Sizzle

 Cassie Blake: So, what’s your back up plan?

 Boathouse Bar & Grill – Basement/Managerial Office

Ethan Conant: Hey son. After a very scary brush with death a few episodes back, I’ve decided to sober up take my paternal duties more seriously. First order of business: chaperone your school dance.

Adam Conant: Just don’t do anything embarrassing in front of my ex-girlfriend or my, fingers crossed, new girlfriend. Like say, bust out your old man dance moves or speak.

 Chance Harbor High School – Parking Lot

Cassie Blake: I’m kind of worried that, whenever we try to do our lame circle magic, my powerful dark magic is totally going to take over and make our show way more awesome.

Diana Meade: :0

Melissa: Hey girls. I’ve decided to be normal this episode.

Cassie Blake: Sorry. I totally stopped listening to you when that Jake look-a-like walked by.

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